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Learn How To Expand Time In Your Awareness

So A Short Amount Of Clock Time Can Seem

Like A Long, Long Time

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Using The Powerful Skills Of Self Hypnosis And Hypnotic Time Expansion Learned in the Hypnotic Sleep In Course To Inspire Yourself


Perhaps you've heard of those genius and dedicated inventors (for example Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla) who used powerful yet easily achievable altered states of mind to mightily and powerfully inspire them to create marvelous and incredible world changing inventions.

These same powerful yet easily achievable states of mind helped them to inspirationally and intuitively solve seemingly intractable problems. Do you think it would be useful for you to use the amazing and awe inspiring power of your unconscious mind to work on creative and lateral thinking solutions easily, and find those powerful and admirable solutions in a much shorter period of clock time than usual? If so, this means the easy and powerful Hypnotic Sleep In Course that you can thoroughly enjoy is for you, because it allows you to be creative and solve problems in all the right ways that are perfect for you, and that would be good for you, wouldn't it!  


Achieve The Same States Of Mind That Famous Geniuses Used - So You Can Access YOUR Genius In Your Own Way

Charles Dickens used to go into dreamlike states, and the painting "Dickens' Dream" by Robert William Buss shows Dickens asleep in his chair, surrounded by his characters, which he conjured up while sleeping, dreamed their conversations and activities, and then transcribed what he dreamed. Dickens actually used to read aloud from his books, to large audiences, and he would recreate the voices of his characters, the voices he heard in his dreams.

Thomas Edison would sit on a chair, and hold a metal sphere in his hand. He would then go to sleep, with the intention of working on a problem. He wanted to be able to remember his dreams. If he actually fell asleep, the metal sphere would fall out of his hand onto the floor, awakening him. In this way, he induced trances in himself, so he could get solutions to allow him to develop his inventions.

Nikola Tesla used to have vivid hallucinations of the solution to his problems, and Marconi and others used Tesla's ideas to create the world we have today, where we take all sorts of electromagnetic transmission for granted. If it wasn't for Tesla's insights, you wouldn't be reading this!

Einstein had his most famous insights while dreaming, and then he had the task of proving his dream insights mathematically! He sort of had to reverse engineer his dreams!

It would be safe to assume that you have experienced similar insights and solutions to problems yourself at various times. Perhaps when you woke up. Perhaps in the shower. Perhaps while in a driving trance. Perhaps while out for a walk or a run. There you were, thinking about something else, and all of a sudden you got a flash of genius inspiration, and the solution was probably so simple when you thought of it that way!

You've Already Had Powerful Insights And Flashes Of Inspiration. Now, Get The Tools To Do It Methodically


You can use the Hypnotic Sleep-In Course to learn Self Hypnosis, and in this state you have much more access to the incredible power of your unconscious mind. You can simply put yourself into a trance with the idea, with the intention of resolving a problem, or getting inspiration. Don't force it, or consciously will it. 

Just put yourself into trance, and slow down perceived time, so you can spend a lot of trance time working on the problem in your imagination, and yet a short amount of clock time will have gone by. 

Even the busiest person can afford five minutes of clock time now and again. During these five minutes, you can spend a long time (as measured by your internal concept of time) working on the issue. You might not get the solution right then, but you'll have given your unconscious mind your intention, and it will work on it while you are doing other things, and the solution will pop into your mind much,much more quickly than it might have done otherwise.

How much are lots and lots of Genius Inspirations Worth To You?


How much is one genius inspiration worth to you? How much are lots and lots of them worth to you? Purchase the Hypnotic Sleep-In Course. Download it. Invest the time to learn the enjoyable and powerful skills of self hypnosis and hypnotic time expansion which the Hypnotic Sleep-In course teaches you. Use them to work on problems, to get powerful, obvious (in hindsight!) solutions and inspirations. Use it for your personal life, your work life, your hobbies. Use it in all aspects of your life.


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