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Thorough Hypnotic Rehearsal And Practice Of Important Events In A Short Amount Of Clock Time



Using The Hypnotic Sleep-In Course Skills For Sports Enhancement


Maybe you have heard of famous and determined sports stars who experienced a severe and apparently career wrecking injury. While helplessly incapacitated for months at a time, they practiced vividly and realistically their sport in their imaginative mind, and upon full and total recovery, they were at least as brilliant and awe inspiring as before. They apparently easily and effortlessly quickly became even better than their previous superhuman best. If you have, and you would like to easily and comfortably parallel this type of amazing and incredible success, in all the ways that are just perfectly right for you, the hypnotic sleep in course is for you.


Spend Hours Practising Your Sport In A Few Minutes Of Clock Time

When you learn hypnotic time expansion using the Hypnotic Sleep-In Course, your unconscious mind can practice things over and over in a short amount of clock time. It’s not exactly the same as actually practicing, but you can practice over and over again, getting the muscle movements engrained into your unconscious mind. If you were to hook your brain up to a brain monitor while doing it, you would find that the same parts of your brain that fire when you are actually doing it, will fire when you imagine doing it. It will feel like you’ve successfully done it before many times when you actually go to do it.


Obviously, to actually build up your muscles needs physical activity and the correct nutrition, but your unconscious can use the power of your imagination to practice the fine motor movements that make the difference. Since this is your sport, you’ll already have developed the bodily motor learning. You can take what you learned from actual physical practice, and then use those learnings in your hypnotic time expanded practice to really and powerfully enhance your ability and success.


Fitness Training And The Hypnotic Sleep-In Course


Milton Erickson was a famous psychiatrist and hypnotherapist, who achieved all sort of amazing things utilizing hypnotic phenomena. He worked with some of the athletes in the USA who won Olympic medals in the shot put, and marksmanship. He was one of the authors of the book "TIME DISTORTION IN HYPNOSIS, An Experimental and Clinical Investigation". What has this got to do with fitness training, you may ask.


Spend Hours Fine Tuning The Technical Aspects Of Your Fitness Training In A Few Minutes Of Clock Time

Milton Erickson and Linn F. Cooper, M.D taught people how to go into hypnosis, and then taught them how to expand time in their awareness. While time was expanded, they suggested that they do various tasks including Reliving past experiences, Swimming, and activities the people in hypnosis chose for themselves, including fitness training.


You've probably heard of athletes who got injured, and vividly imagined fitness training in their chosen sport in their imagination, and after they recovered, their bodies recovered much more quickly. The Hypnotic Sleep-In Course teaches you self hypnosis, and hypnotic time expansion. This means that you could vividly imagine performing your chosen sport for two hours, and only ten minutes goes by on the clock. Obviously, this won't be the same as actually practicing for two hours in reality.


What it does do however, is to help you to form the neural network pathways in your brain to lock in that new habit you want in your sport. For example, if there is a specific breathing technique that would be helpful, you could build up the habit of using it while in time expanded trance, and then you'd find yourself doing it automatically when the time comes. For example, rugby. Place kickers practice over and over again to achieve perfection. The cliche is, the more you practice the luckier you get.


Using self hypnosis and hypnotic time expansion, you can practice for an apparent two hours in ten minutes of clock time. If things go wrong in reality, correct the mistakes in time expanded trance. You'll already be fit because of the time you spent practicing in real clock time. This means the neural network connections you form while practicing using self hypnosis and hypnotic time expansion learned using the Hypnotic Sleep-In Course embed the new habits and the technical motor skills, so your muscles automatically do what you want. Imagine doing your fitness training while in hypnotically expanded trance time, and get stronger and fitter and more skillful faster than your competitors!

Using The Hypnotic Sleep In Course To Practice Speeches or Presentations or Drama

Many famous motivational and inspiring orators seemed to be able to easily and comfortably speak spontaneously, enrapturing their audience with their passion and eloquence. However, it's not as simple as that. The best and most powerful influential orators spent a lot of time thoroughly and emphatically practicing vividly in their mind, in their imagination beforehand.


If you have to communicate anything to a group of people of whatever size, and you want to easily and comfortably practice beforehand in much less time, this means you could use the powerful and incredibly useful skills learned in the hypnotic sleep in course to easily and comfortably practice your public speaking frequently before the event, in much shorter periods of clock time than it would usually take.


Spend Hours Practicing Your Speech Or Presentation In Just A Few Minutes Of Clock Time


So you'll have more time to powerfully inspire yourself to your personal type of eloquence in a way that's just right for you, and that's just about perfect isn't it!


If you are an actor, then you can use the skills of self hypnosis combined with hypnotic time expansion learned using the Hypnotic Sleep-In Course to practice all the dialogue before the event.


Spend Hours Practicing Your Acting In Just A Few Minutes Of Clock Time


You can also practice your favourite acting techniques, perhaps experimenting in your imagination with your Chekhov Acting Technique, or your Stanislavski analysis of the character. You can hallucinate the effect that your body positions, internal body happenings, imagination of the undertones of stuff happening in your characters life, and tone of voice and attitude etc, etc has on the other actors.


You can try different things in your imagination, and watch the ideas flow when you get to discuss it with the other actors! You can spend hours practicing in your imagination, and look at the clock where only a couple of minutes has gone by! That would be useful to you, wouldn't it!


Using The Hypnotic Sleep-In Course Skills To Practise A Musical Instrument


You know that when you practice a musical instrument, that you need to practice over and over again to get the automatic finger movements for the piece you are playing. It is time consuming, enjoyably so, hopefully that is why you are doing it!


You can learn self hypnosis, and then in hypnosis, learn hypnotic time expansion. When you do this, you have a powerful tool that you can use to practice your musical instrument, those difficult combinations over and over again.


Spend Hours Practicing Your Musical Instrument In Just A Few Minutes Of Clock Time


You could spend hours practicing in your imagination, in that special slowed down trance time, and only a few minutes of time will have gone by on the clock. Because your fingers muscles are already well developed for your musical instrument, your unconscious will know exactly what to do when you actually go to play that particular combination in reality, and that will give you a real buzz, won’t it!


These are just a few examples of how the power of self hypnosis combined with hypnotic time expansion can be used to really enhance your life, and give you more time to rehearse things in your mind.


You can use it for anything that you need to go over beforehand in your life. In your personal life, in your business/working life, in your hobbys, in every area of your life that you want to prepare for. If it can be prepared for, it can be imagined, and hypnosis really powerfully enhances the effectiveness of your imagination.


So when you learn these skills after buying and using the Hypnotic Sleep-In Course, make sure to imagine positive and beneficial outcomes for you, and for the others in your life!


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