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Learn How To Expand Time In Your Awareness

So A Short Amount Of Clock Time Can Seem

Like A Long, Long Time

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Sleeping In Hypnotically

The Hypnotic Sleep In Course teaches you how to have a twenty five minute Lie-In in the morning that can seem like a much longer lie-in.

This is possible when you:

1) Learn Self Hypnosis

2) Learn Hypnotic Time Expansion while in hypnosis.



3) Set your alarm twenty five minutes before you have to get up, and play track six of your Hypnotic Sleep-In Course.


4) While in trance, you expand a ten minute period of clock time from track six to as long as you want.

The six tracks of the Hypnotic Sleep-In Course teach you how to do this.


Here is a brief synopsis of what is in all six tracks of your hypnotic sleep in course. It is a progressive learning course, and if you want the benefit of apparent sleep ins, you will need to practice what you have learned in each track until you have mastered it, before you move onto the next track.


Some people will prefer to experience all six tracks, and then use the tracks they find most useful over and over again. Hypnotic time distortion is a skill, like learning to dance, learning to drive, or learning to write, except it's significantly easier to learn than any of those things, because your unconscious mind already knows how to do it! As for anything useful, practice makes perfect.


Detailed Information About The Contents Of Each Track

Track 1 Information: Explains About Time Distortion and Hypnosis - Click For More>>


Track 2 Information: How To Hypnotise Yourself - Click For More>>


Track 3 Information: Mental Safe Place & Simple Time Distortion - Click For More>>


Track 4 Information: Step by Step Method Of Expanding Time - Click For More>>



Track 5 Information: A Two Hour Task In Five Minutes Of Clock Time - Click For More>>


Track 6 Information: Your Alarm Clock Hypnotic Sleep-In Track - Click For More>>


So if you want to learn how to hypnotically expand time, purchase the hypnotic sleep in course, download the mp3 files, follow the instructions in those tracks, and soon you will have the skills you need to enjoy Sleep-Ins whenever you want!


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