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Subconscious Inspiration And Dreams


We all dream at night, regardless of whether we remember it or not. In fact, many sources say that approximately 30% of our sleep time is Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. The other 70% is deep, dreamless healing sleep where we recharge our batteries, and accelerate our healing and repair. Dreams have a purpose, where we process our experiences of the day, and get most of them from emotional memory into narrative memory, and keep the important stuff, and discard the unimportant stuff. That’s why people can remember stuff that happened fifty years ago, and forget what they had for dinner yesterday. Sometimes we have something significant that our unconscious mind wants to process, and that can manifest as recurring dreams.


If we are deprived of sleep, and are not allowed to dream, after a while we start experiencing waking hallucinations, as our mind attempts to process all the experiences in the waking state. It is akin to a temporary psychosis. When we sleep, our unconscious mind usually initiates a sleep paralysis, so our body doesn't trash around while dreaming. Dreams are basically vivid hallucinations. Dreams also distort time. A lot of things can happen in a dream that takes a short amount of time! Sometimes a person's conscious mind can wake up while dreaming, yet their body is still asleep and under sleep paralysis, and it seems that they can't move, and are hallucinating as well, so that can be a frightening experience!

A lot of things can happen in a dream that takes a short amount of time!

Our unconscious minds often work on problems while we sleep. How often have you had a problem to solve, and said to yourself "I'll sleep on it", and when you woke up in the morning, you had the solution, or at least a plan of action.

Hypnosis is a state of mind where you can bypass your critical faculty, and give yourself suggestions that you'll hallucinate something, or in other words dream something. In trance, you can imagine working on something, with the intention of resolving it, simply trusting your unconscious mind, and it will deliver something useful, perhaps surprising.

When you combine hypnosis with hypnotic time distortion, which the Hypnotic Sleep-In Course teaches you, then you can spend a lot of trance time working on something, or practicing something in your imagination. This is useful for practicing motor activities like sport or playing musical instruments. It is useful for rehearsing things like speeches, or acting. It is useful for reviewing stuff that you've learned. You can use it to imagine consulting with an expert, or a team of experts. You can simply use it to have fun, to fantasise about anything you want. Perhaps you could fantasise a fantastic perfect holiday, creating unlimited money and power in your imagination so you can do whatever you want!


Use Self Hypnosis Combined With Hypnotic Time Expansion, Learned Using The Hypnotic Sleep-In Course, To Imagine Or Dream Doing A Lot In A Short Amount Of Clock Time

What do you do when you hit that snooze button? It's pleasant, isn't it! Why not learn how to expand time, so that that time can seem like a much longer time. Well, you know what to do, and you know where to find the hypnotic sleep in course. If you don't buy the exciting, enjoyable and powerful Hypnotic Sleep-In Course now, perhaps you'll reconsider the next time you have to drag your protesting self out of bed on an unpleasant dreary Monday morning!


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