A Personal Example Of Using Hypnosis To Stop Bleeding

Self Hypnosis is a very powerful and useful skill. You can learn how to put yourself into hypnotic trance, and then practice giving yourself suggestions to achieve all sorts of incredible physical phenomena. Examples of some of the most common types of self suggestion under hypnosis are:

• Concentration Enhancement to speed up learning
• Self analgesia and Anesthesia
• Mood/body feeling management
• Motivation
• And many more, limited only by your imagination

There are many Dentists who have learned how to use hypnosis, and use it with their patients to ease anxiety and for anaesthesia and analgesia. They are usually obliged call it medical relaxation, or some other more socially “acceptable” name. If you read the hypnotic literature, you will come across many examples of where the Dentist says to their patient something like the following after they have suggested that there will be no bleeding during a tooth extraction:

“OK, Mr./Ms.  Patient, I would like it if you were to bleed just a little bit, enough to flush out the socket, and then stop after the socket is full, so a good blood clot will form, and you keep the piece of gauze clamped over it afterwards”.

One day, I was fixing my computer, and I cut my right index finger quite severely on a sharp piece of metal on the inside of the computer case. It was very annoying, because I needed to use the finger for some delicate work inside the computer, so a bandage would get in the way. I didn’t particularly want to get splatters of blood inside the computer either, as I don’t think that would have enhanced its chances of working well. The cut was quite a significant one that would usually have taken several minutes to clot without a plaster or gauze.

I calmed down, put myself into a hypnotic trance. I asked my unconscious mind to get ready to stop the bleeding, like turning off a tap, and then go ahead and stop the bleeding before lifting the yes finger. I waited, and after a few moments, my unconscious mind lifted the yes finger. There was a bead of blood at the location of the cut. I washed it under a tap, and dried it. The blood welled to just the skin level, and stopped. I squeezed the finger, and the blood welled up into a bead, and stopped. It’s one thing reading about this, and another experiencing it in reality! I was so delighted with my unconscious mind that I forgot about fixing the computer for a bit. By the time I remembered, it had a good clot, and I was able to get the job done, blood smear free.

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