Hypnosis Removal Of Belief About Parking

Have you ever been in a parking lot, and just couldn’t see a space anywhere? And then you drove around and around, until you spotted somebody pulling out, and hopefully you got the space before someone else. This is a typical experience for many people.

Our unconscious minds are very powerful. After all it has to keep on top of all the automatic functions of our mind and body. It likes to keep doing the same thing. You are here today, reading this, alive and well because of your unconscious mind.

Logically, what worked in the past will keep on working in the future, won’t it! And that’s a very useful state of mind for hunter gatherers, and even agrarian societies. Our unconscious minds monitor everything that’s going on around you, everything in your peripheral vision. All the sounds in the background. All the sensations that every part of your body is feeling. All the tastes and smells.

Your unconscious mind has to then determine what is important at that moment, and send that information to your conscious mind. It filters out everything else that it determines is unimportant.

Your unconscious mind is usually happy to do what your conscious mind directs, but it is always aware of everything for your protection. It will override your conscious mind if there is a perceived danger. You could be consciously walking along, looking at the flowers and the people along the way, and your unconscious happily goes along with that, until it spots a rabid dog with mad red glaring eyes running in your direction. It will quickly snap your body into a state of fight/flight and move you into action!

At a less urgent level than survival, your unconscious mind will determine what to send to your conscious mind based on your conscious and unconscious beliefs. If you ever bought a car, suddenly you start noticing that model and colour of car everywhere. Did they just magically pop into existence when you bought your car? No, it’s just that your unconscious mind isn’t filtering them out any more, and so you notice them all now.

Your unconscious mind wants to do everything you ask of it. It takes you literally. It treats beliefs as commands. I used to have a limiting belief that “I can never find parking spaces”. I used to even affirm that to myself, while driving around a car park, “I can never find a parking space”, often with a bit of strongly emphasised spicy language in there too. Occasionally, the car park would be half empty, and I’d see a parking spot then.

Then I read somewhere that this is a very common limiting belief. Note that I wasn’t even aware I had this belief, it was an unconscious limiting belief. I used self hypnosis combined with timeline therapy to get rid of the limiting belief, and now have a new belief where I fully expect to find a parking space, and I (almost!) always do.

It’s humourous to see other drivers looking very hard for a driving space, and driving past one and then going around again. Their unconscious mind is following the limiting belief command, and filtering out the parking space from their awareness.

“That used to be me, I think.” You may have noticed that I also cleared out that limiting belief that “It’s bad to be smug”, and replaced it with “It’s OK to be humourously satisfied with your Self Hypnosis ability!” You too can use the Hypnotic Sleep In Course to learn Self Hypnosis.

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