What does Hypnosis feel like?

Hypnosis feels like a pleasant lethargy, when your limbs feel heavy, disinclined to move. When the mind drifts in easy relaxation, or turns its attention to ideas in new, constructive ways, warm, comfortable serenity. In good quality hypnosis, the conscious mind is in neutral gear and so the sub—conscious comes to the fore, for your protection. Just as it does in normal sleep. However, you remain totally aware of everything, whereas when sleeping, outside events have to awaken you so that you become aware of them. Just as a mother is around when her baby calls, yet ignores louder, unimportant sounds. In hypnosis, the critical facilities are reduced, suggestibility greatly increased. The mind is in a state where it is much more receptive to new learnings, to new ideas, to new patterns. Your mind is always there to guard you from any danger, you may block some things out, just as you do anyway in day to day living, because you are so focused on the pleasant relaxing experience. 

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